Züküdla Premium Bird Blend is a popular choice for backyard bird enthusiasts. This rich mix offers only the best seeds and nuts designed to attract a variety of birds. Use Züküdla Premium Bird Blend and keep a watchful eye for; grosbeaks, woodpeckers, jays, finches, buntings, juncos, bobwhites, blackbirds, wild turkey and quail, wrens, towhees, nuthatches, pyrrhuloxiae, sparrows and bushtits. Consider blending with other Züküdla bird mixes to tailor the draw of birds to your backyard.

Birds: Züküdla Premium Bird Blend offers a rich mix of quality seeds designed to attract the largest range of North American backyard birds (relative to area) possible. If you’re just getting started as a backyard birding enthusiast or a seasoned birder, this mix is sure to attract a wide range of species. Blending in other single or mixed seeds can alter and tailor the draw of birds.

Black sunflower, striped sunflower, red millet, cut corn, wheat, peanuts (shelled)

*Note that attracting a variety of backyard birds take time and patience. Results vary depending on location. Happy birding.