Züküdla is the exclusive distributer of Grober ZooGro milk replacers
Grober Nutrition are completely balanced, nutritionally sound and quality assured. Grober uses edible grade raw materials in everything they manufacture at Grober Nutrition. Quality assurance means taking complete control over the quality of the ingredients used to manufacture the ZooGro line of Milk Replacers. There cannot be a more complete program to meet your young animals daily nutritional requirements, which are so critical in those first weeks after birth.

Züküdla carries:
ElephantGro – African  |  ElephantGro – Asian  |  CamelGro  |  FawnGro | LlamaGro
MooseGro  |  YakGro  |  BisonGro

Grober Nutrition is HACCP Certified by SGS Canada under the ANAC Feed Safety Program.