Züküdla crafts unique diets for zoo and exotic animals.

We are a Canadian company crafting superior quality feeds that address the challenges faced by zoos, breeders and collectors alike. Collaborating with animal nutritionists at top institutions and combining talents with our own comparative animal nutritionists, means that Zukudla can design and refine diets for customers in a quick and cost effective manner. We focus on researching, creating, and marketing the highest quality diets for extraordinary animals.


Premium Bird Blend  |  Carophyll Red

Small mammals
Dog Biscotti Mini Pig Feed Starter  |  Mini Pig Feed Grower  |  Mini Pig Feed Adult  |  Rodent Cubes

Large Mammal Feed + Milk Replacers
Gorilla Muffins | ElephantGro – African  |  ElephantGro – Asian  |  CamelGro
FawnGro | LlamaGro  |  MooseGro  |  YakGro  |  BisonGro